Blue Powerade fuel

4:18 PM

Dayyyyy 2 of our cruise we woke up to the bluest water I have ever seen in my life! It looked just like PowerAde.
This picture has no filter or editing at all! crazy.
Eating breakfast with Ami

Today we spent the day at the beach. We had anticipated playing volleyball, but once we got there the volleyball was way to hard, and it was way to hot. Instead of playing volleyball we swam in the gorgeous water, and my sisters and I got our fair share in Pina coladas, which is my favorite drink. Also, while in the water the bar music was blasting and we danced in the water to the 60s tunes, so much so that we got whistled at and I was called the dancing Queen. This day reminded me of how much I am thankful for my sister, and how much I am going to miss Rebecca, once she leaves.

 Like all of our excursions we had to be back on the boat by the evening, so the rest of our day we spent laying in our freshly cleaned room watching movies and eating. haha. I swear the movies had the best new movies that we had never seen. Then we all got ready to go out to eat and after lizzie dragged me to the teen club for a get to know you night, the counselors didn't know my name so they just called me fancy. lizzie got a good laugh out of my new nickname. The teen club is such a funny place, a bunch of 13 year olds "hanging out" and acting cool, not really my seen. This week we lost our two cousins to the teen club, it seemed like every time we didn't know where they were we could count on the teen club to have them.
Lizzie and I being dramatic as we were entering the teen club, because we are all that. Day two was a success, besides my horrible sunburn on half my face. 

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