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hello! today i am finally putting up all of my Easter pictures up. I had the best Easter, it was so great to have a wonderful day with family and enjoy each others company. This was also a couple days before Rebecca went into the MTC, so it was like a last horay for her.

 I ended up being awake before everyone else, so I just took pictures of all the Easter Décor, i love it.
 our cute breakfast place settings

 Ammon is the cutest, he was very excited about his hoola hoop.

my basket. Do you see the Slim and Sassy gum, yeah, it's like my favorite right now. Every time I feel really hungry I just have a piece of the gum and it satiates my hunger. It's the best. 

 precious blooms
 he was also very excited about the funions in his basket.

 Dad making eggs benedict for us.
 Let the Easter egg hunt begin!

The weather could not have been better 

Easter, was amazing, and on top of all the festivities it was General Conference weekend. I love listening to all the talks and being reminded of the true reason we celebrate Easter.

This food was so good.

Happy Easter!

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