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It's March and I am super happy that it is starting to get warm here in Florida. February flew by, between Valentine's Day and traveling, I felt like all I could do was enjoy it an everything that was going on. Speaking of traveling, my family just got back a couple weeks ago from a week Caribbean cruise. I brought my camera along, so keep an eye out for those photos, I hope to put them up soon!

Today I wanted to update you guys on my skin care routine. I did a post on skin care last spring, and within a year it has changed a whooolllleee lot. Recently I have just been loving my skin, when I was younger (early teens) I felt very self conscious about my skin, and if I had a zit, I felt like everyone could see it, it affected the way I communicated with others and established relationships with my peers. Today I feel super confident in my skin, and part of it is the products I have used, (which I will show), but a huge part of having good skin is having a healthy lifestyle and good hygiene,  here are some tips glow from the inside out.
  1. Drink A LOT of water. I’m a wateraholic, which is a good thing, because you should be drinking half your bodyweight in water. Most of us, at any given time, are dehydrated, which is horrible. The benefits of water are endless, and it is truly amazing the difference it makes in you skin. When I feel like my skin is looking dull, I up my water intake and within a few day I feel great! If you find your skin looking dull and lifeless, carry a water bottle around (and re-fill it often) for a week and see how your skin glows.

  2.  TIP I USE TO DRINK MORE WATER: use a straw I have been doing this for the past year, and it's like one of my favorite things to do, so yep! highly recommend.

  3. Eat whole foods, cut out the processed foods: Now I understand that a lot of acne is genetics, and sometimes seeking out a Dermatologist is the correct route to take. That being said, based on personal experience a huge cause of my acne, was hormones, but also the foods I was eating. I love food, all types of food. ( Pizza, french fries and Ice cream are my true loves). Eating healthier and focusing on basing my meals on whole foods was the game changer in the look of my skin. AND PROCESSED FOODS, I love em, but hate them. The struggle is reallll. I always try to challenge myself and completely cut out sugar and WOW when I do my skin looks so good. The past month and a half I haven’t eating processed foods or sugar (not including my cruise, I’m not that crazy) my skin feels amazing!
  4. Get enough sleep: This one’s hard for me considering life gets in the way and I am very bad at prioritizing. Sleep is one of the best things to do for your body, without it things start to get a little crazy, in all aspects of love, not just skin.
  5. Skip Dairy: I naturally don’t consume that much dairy, since I hate plain milk, I’ve been dodging it since I was five. Like I said before I am really into challenging myself, so for a month I cut out dairy and gluten and immediately my skin cleared up. Not going to lie, It was a challenge, and very hard. So try this if you are doing all the things listed above and nothing seems to be working, cut out all dairy: milk, cheese, eggs, ice cream :( for two weeks, it doesn’t count if you only do it for two days. The first three days of trying any new thing are always the hardest. Give it a good two weeks, and let me know how it goes for you!

I’d love to hear how you implementing any of these tips. Right now I am working on all of these things, actually drinking water as I type, I’m also trying to get back into my gym mode since I got back from Vacation. Hope those tips were helpful, I know all of those things have changed the way I saw my skin. Okay now for the products I use... keep in mind I don't use all of these everyday, that would be a little over board, I'll explain how I use each product, and attempt to put them in order.

Everyday routine:

1. Before I clean my face I always always remove my makeup. Not removing makeup cause the skin to wrinkle and age faster, and I am not looking for that. Also, almost all mascaras irritate my eyes anyway. 

2. I wash my face, right now I am using and loving this one. 
when looking for a cleanser I look for something that uses natural ingredients, I am not combating acne right now so something without salicylic acid, works great for me. I also love that its a scrub and the grapefruit scent, grapefruit is so good for the skin. Grapefruit and orange are some of my favorite things to put on my skin. 

3. Work product in with scrub brush.
This thing is incredible! I discovered this product a little over a year ago and I love the way it cleans my skin. Using a brush like this helps you to not touch your face an take off all the junk living on your face three times more than your hands. Mine is from Vanity Planet, and it comes with three different brush attachments, you can find it here.
4. Apply toner with cotton pattern
I have loved this for a long time, I don't think it will ever be replaced. I look forward to putting this on every night, because it makes my skin feel so amazing and glowy. Toner balances PH level and sometimes removes any traces of makeup that were missed when washing your face. This one's great because it incorporates essential oils that fight against the side of pores.  

5. Rub serum into skin

My sister got me this serum for Christmas, and I am obsessed with it. Serums usually are a thicker consistency than toner, this one is more like a liquid. Like all serums this product is rich in minerals to improve the skin. I love that on the back it says "think of this as a vitamin for your face"

6. Apply lotion of choice. These are my two favorites that I switch back and forth. 

 The outside does not lie, this moisturizer gives a illuminating look. I like to apply this moisturizer before I put on makeup to give an extra glow. This was also gifted to me by my sister, she knows me well haha. Also I can't get over how this has a bush applicator.
The second one is a gel formula and has Vitamin C, my personal fav. Again a glow booster, I just can't stay away from the glow products

2-3 times a week I do this mini facial system from Doterra. Read all about it here!

whenever I feel like treating myself I'll apply a mask, here are the ones I am using right now.

ANOTHER TIP: I use these makeup remover wipes before I get my sweat on. I never noticed they way sweat and makeup effected my skin, until I consistently started going to the gym everyday from school. I started breaking out and when I came to the source of the problem I started carrying these in my bag and removing my makeup before my workout. These cleansing wipes were just what I needed.
Hope this was a little help, I could talk about skin care all day. If there is a more specific question or topic you would want answered, I would so do another post. I am always switching out products and trying new things, so I'll keep you posted on new finds. 

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