First blog post!!!

5:26 PM

Starting a blog post has been something that I have been wanting to do for a while now and I have never had the courage to start one because I was too young. This year being at a new school, it really got me thinking about what I am good at and what I love doing, you should do what you like to do and not wait around thinking about what other people will think or say. I started taking a digital design class at school(which i absolutely love) and i have started to take more pictures on my camera, and i has really motivated to share all the things i have learned. I created this blog, to have a platform where i can be as creative and write as much as i want.

So a little bit about me...

i was born September 15, 2000

to my loving parents in Yokota Japan

being the 4th child out of 6; there has never been a dull moment in my house. Though sometimes my siblings and i fight, we all love each other.

  This was in 2002 when all our hair was white and we lived in Oregon 

My dad is a radiologist in the military so my family has traveled and moved all around the world; from Yokota, Japan to Oregon, Arizona, Korea (south), Italy, and now Florida  U.S.A. life sure has been a fun adventure.

Here are just some of the things i love for those of you who want to know what you will be getting into when you read this blog
all things beauty and fashion: who doesn't like to feel pretty and comfortable in their own skin
Reading: If i have a good book i can read for hours
Playing sports: i love getting my body moving and staying active
Dancing: i have been doing ballet on and off every since i can remember.
The gospel of jesus christ: this is what keeps me grounded, i don't know what i would do with our savior's atonement.
Traveling: Seeing new places and learning about other cultures is super interesting to me

I can't wait to share more!!!

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  1. I'm already in love with your blog! #number1fan

  2. Hey, Leah <3 I love your blog. it's so cute. (This is Ellis btw) You've actually inspired me to pick my blog back up! I started one for personal progress but haven't touched it in ages. Can't wait for you to post more :)

  3. Thanks Ellis! you are so awesome!


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